Roy qiu and rainie yang dating

All I do is watch variety shows, dramas and films these days…and I’m happy to note that even though I find some onscreen pairings cute and full of chemistry, I no longer have that curiosity to know beyond what I see on the screen.They should not play with other people’s emotions just because they want to sell their pairing. This is also for my fellow patients under the Shippers Anonymous program: @kayteegee8 and @rajenica.It may just be work for them and a way to get more projects and endorsements, and yes, together, but it is akin to fooling the public. These same stars love to lament that the audience in this part of the world is not mature yet that’s why they have to carefully cultivate their “image” and avoid scandals. More than anyone else, they’re the ones who understand what it is like to be a shipper. On December 6, Tiffany's 33rd birthday, the couple apparently coordinated a Weibo announcement confirming their real-life romance.Luo Jin's message was posted at exactly am, and contained a photo showing the two in childhood standing together, with a romantic message that was echoed by Tiffany.(Aww...) Luo Jin admitted in a later interview that they had planned it.The only confirmed boyfriend, until now, was Roy Chiu, the handsome Taiwanese actor of Marry Me or Not?, who starred with Tiffany in three back-to-back dramas released in 2011: .

Tiffany Tang's portrayal of a princess on a quest for revenge in The Princess Weiyoung has led the historical drama to become the leading hit drama for both Chinese and international viewers.That does not make my experience any more special than the rest; though perhaps, investing 100% on one pair means mathematically speaking that you are reduced to ZERO when the ship sinks to the bottom of… I won’t go into details of that period in my life but suffice to say, I am moving on and learning my lessons. Previously, we’ve seen these sunken ships: Double J – Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai Ar Joe – Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng, It Started With A Kiss/Love or Bread Chun Ella – Wu Chun and Ella, Hana Kimi Bosco Lie – Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu As I look at this list, my Taiwan bias is so obvious.It’s so hard to keep up with the scandals though especially since, as part of my rehabilitation from shipping, I am refraining from reading gossip websites.While the princess on the screen fell in love with her enemy's royal prince, played by Luo Jin, fans couldn't help but notice the extreme chemistry between the two stars that was sparkling bright beyond playacting.