Long have jensen ackles danneel harris been dating

I wanted to explain myself here, though, because to anyone just looking at the diff of the last edit would think "WTF?Why would you rework the whole biography without reason?- Debuskjt , 29 August 2006 (UTC) Tonight I stumbled across the biography of Ackles.To my horror, I realized that the original biography here had been a word for word copy of the IMDB biography without permission, a clear violation of WP: COPY.--Wordbuilder , 14 April 2007 (UTC) hello i'm trying to add a line about Jensen dating Danneel Harris (which is true! this is not my fault, i'm meerly trying to add more information...It is being deleted for stylistic reasons - see WP: TRIVIA - the information maybe pertinent, but it needs to be placed in the article in a different manner, not under the heading "Trivia".

Please stop messing with information on his past relationships unless you are expanding it based on verifiable information that you cite!I'm a newbie though, so I don't want to change it myself.-- Cocombat "Ackles was the producer's first choice to play Eliza Dushku's love interest on the second season of Tru Calling,[10] but Ackles returned to Vancouver (where Dark Angel was filmed) in 2004 to become a regular on Smallville..." Both Tru Calling and Smallville were both filmed in Vancouver at the same time. The article states, "He graduated from Dartmouth Elementary School in 1990, Apollo Junior High School in 1993, and Lloyd V.Berkner High School in Richardson, Texas in 1996." This information is uncited.

I tried to add a reference but ended up pointing to a site which contained an earlier copy of this article. My question is, if no one provides an appropriate reference, how long do we allow the information to remain before it is deleted? Now there's a sort of "warning" on my screen that it isn't a good add...

From the intro section - "is an American actor and former male fashion model." Is male fashion model the best term to use?

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    Yes, Jensen Ackles is still dating Danneel Harris. Jensen told an audience at the May 2009 Asylum convention that he and Danneel have been together for.…