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Here are the highlights of 2018’s love landscape for all of us, and for every sign: Enlightened, truth-teller Jupiter in secretive Scorpio, the sign of sex and intimacy from October 10, 2017 to November 8, 2018 gave rise to the #Me Too movement. This year’s eclipses in Leo (January 31, August 11) pump up the passion but can also dial up drama.This once-every-12-years transit calls for evolved conversations and new practices around sex, desire and power that feel hot AND healthy. Two eclipses in cool-headed Aquarius (February 15, July 27) help us step back and detach.The Gemini man has quite the reputation for having a dual personality. Emotionally, there will be roller coasters and that’s just the first date. It’s vital that you nod and agree, showing more enthusiasm for every story. He can be extremely insecure about whether or not you’re truly interested or just playing his ego. The duality that others see is not lost on him either. You’re going to have to practice all of the above with your Gemini man. Once you’re in his sights, he’ll do his best to impress you with stories of his exploits.Now you CAN coexist with anyone—yes, even you-know-who.

He was king of his world, master of his music, and not only danced to his own tune but also created a whole new set of tunes to practice his dance moves to. From commitment to consent, relationships have gotten more complex than ever.How can we navigate the nuances (and neurobiology) of attraction while also respecting each other’s humanity?Aries, do you desperately want to get back with your ex?

Want the romance to return to what it was at the beginning of your relationship? But in its reversed form, it is asking you to hold back on the romance because it is going to lead nowhere. Show yourself the love and attention you were throwing at the one who doesn’t care any longer. There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must choose between the path of least resistance and the path that will take them out of their comfort zone. So if you truly want to heal your heart and emerge stronger after this ordeal, the Queen of Swords advises you to disengage your emotional side and engage with your intellectual side for now.

If you’ve fallen for one, then you need to know how to avoid common pitfalls and how to maximize your opportunities with the Twins of the Zodiac. You don’t really want a happy go lucky, well-adjusted, bore of a man, do you? Yoga is widely understood to be an experience that delivers inner peace by controlling the body and mind through breath control, mindfulness and, of course, stretching. A willing partner that throws some looks his way is usually enough to get him to strut his stuff your way.