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I invite ladies to be a fly on the wall and listen to the words of their confusing masculine counterparts.You are in a sparsely furnished living room with even less décor on the walls; pizza boxes and pop cans are unevenly distributed in various spots in the room.He would always fall short of the ideal, and that just did not sit well with him.After hearing all of the things that had been uttered you realize there was one guy who had not yet talked. Some of the guys noticed as well and they asked him what his deal was.In addition to this, he opens up and reveals that he believes most women want this. ” This guy was very straightforward and honest about the fact that he would rather put time into things he knew he was good at.He expresses his insecurity that even though he has a decent job while still in grad school, that he still feels inept as a man because he could not support a woman even if he wanted to. He laid out a list of reasons why romance was simply not in his blood.OK, so after much thought I have not talked to my BF about his online account.my rationale for this is that if I say something about it then i'm sure he will take his profile down. he seems to do everything right, but seeing his profile up and that he is checking it every day makes me feel like he is just keeping me around until he finds something better.

The guy you once looked at with a bit of resentment for not calling doesn’t look like as big of a jerk.She felt he should know her better than that, because lilies were her favorite flower…not roses.Many examples followed, but the final conclusion was that he did not feel that getting into a relationship would benefit him.His chances with this girl were dead as was any future chances with any of her friends or most girls he knew within the area code.

Due to the embarrassment and rejection he would simply rather not go through that again.

The no itself was hard for him to take, because he really did care for this girl, but what happened is that this girl went back and told all of her friends and they began to review all of his strengths and weaknesses.

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    He updated his online dating profile, should I be worried? guys, advice. Do you guys think that it's a red flag that he put up a new picture?…