Failed updating etrust vet engine to version

I no longer use Windows and so no longer maintain it.Clam Win v0.98.6 released: release updates Clam AV scanning engine to the latest version and brings following improvements:* Bug fixes in detection of files produced by upx, upack and mew packagers* Other bug fixes and feature improvements Download the latest version here: note that, for updating purposes, you needn't download the full 100MB Clam Win package.But this case seems to concern any Android OS from 1.6 to 2.x, much more modern systems...Note that KAV uses the "Kaspersky Security Network", to scan in the cloud the app before its first execution.Simply turning this option off means that you can still discover malware infections and then deal with cleaning them up manually after you find out how bad the infection is.This is a preferred type of approach in this modern age of false positives. I like the simple interface and ability to exclude certain media playback filetypes that might be considered to large and not dangerous enough to need to scan.Regarding auto-updates of the virus definitions, there are some good postings at the forums.Specifically: for constantly keeping your definitions up to date (re: Clam Win Portable DBUpdate) points out that if you don't need your definitions CONSTANTLY up to date, you can simply create a batch file with the following, in order to make Clam Win update before launch:"start /wait Clam Win --mode=updatestart Clam Win Portable.exe"(note that the original forum has the WRONG name for the executable, use the above text instead)UPDATE:you can make the update window automatically close upon completion if you instead put the following in the batch file:"start /wait Clam Win --mode=update --closestart Clam Win Portable.exe"That might be more helpful, as you don't then have to wait for the definition update to complete and then press "close."I have been trying since version 0.88.5 and I still can't get the program to work because "Clam Win Antivirus has encountered a problem and needs to close".

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While this might be desired in some circumstances, probably the average user would prefer not to reboot into a broken-down and therefore locked system.I like how it doesn't install a bunch of strange background processes.Thanks to the author of this program and for keeping it up to date. I know it's free and all but that is what has been keeping me from using it - besides the scan speeds.Two problems I have with it though is it's getting HUGE.

I've had to take it off one of my usb sticks because there was no room for the definitions. I left it to scan my laptop, came back hours later and there it was still halfway trough my i386 folder.

But the thing is with Thunderbird, the user is not likely to go to "Mozilla Google start page", that will tell him his Thunderbird is obsolete and has to be upgraded! je me demande par contre comment est estimé le nombre de menaces contre lesquelles la solution antivirale protège, avec la problématique des détections heuristiques/génériques/etc.