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Discover a few of the shortest famous models, who managed to prove that height isn’t always an obstacle in the world of modeling, whether you’re shooting a campaign or walking the runway at Fashion Week.Devon Aoki – 5’5” 165 cm At the age of 16, Devon Aoki became the f...However, for the past 5yrs I've had to live with these LIES and wear the label of a THIEF on my back.

Even though she appears to be very feminine, wearing cute headbands and baby doll dresses, she also has a “naughty girl” attitude.Models have a reputation for being tall, but the most successful supermodel in the world for the past decade, Kate Moss, is actually only 5’8’’.Some models gained international frame while being even shorter than that with the help of the right photographers.After insulting Cristen’s finances and telling her to her face that she “had no style”, rude azz Saniy’yah was then asked by Jackie Christie to stay and join the ladies at dinner—and that’s when things got especially interesting. […] He has 3 kids.” “Let’s just say I’m 99 percent sure I know exactly who this man is and knowing that, GIRL you were a homewrecker,” said Shaunie in a confessional.

Saniy’yah who hails from Chester, Pennsylvania and who we previously wrote about for getting popped on grand theft charges , boldly told the ladies that she previously had an affair with “the top person in the NBA” who has three kids. “This was like the top person in the NBA, me and him were cool. “I just was like, ‘I love him.'” said Saniy’yah about her actions. According to Saniy’yah it’s untrue and she was set up by a friend in Atlanta.

Her hairstyle was usually long and straight but she decided to make a change with her hairstyle and go shorter.