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That schema would hold until one realised that crabs, insects, jellyfish and also worms were animals.Each time there was a major challenge to an existing schema, a revolution in the concept has to happen and this is defined accommodation.He studied many children including his own and as a result of his studies he proposed that intellectual development of children was a staged process which almost all children grew through at roughly the same age.While his theory has been questioned and modified many times over the last ninety years, the basic principles are still accepted today.Now, returning to the development of the concept of “animal”.It is possible to assimilate a whole range of changes into the concept of animal but when a child asks the question “is a fish an animal” and receives the answer “yes” they will have no choice but to rebuild the schema of animal into two new sub divisions – mammal and fish and then later into vertebrate and invertebrate.

He knows from experience that cars are things which have four wheels and run on roads.They use them to assess a child and where necessary, use the information to provide support for an infant or child whose development veers from the predicted path.A two year old who can distinguish some farm animals is doing well; a ten year old who can only do the same thing is not.While we are all proud when our child first points and utters the word “cat” to a four legged feline nearby; we are even more pleased when he or she can distinguish between a cat and a dog, both of which have four legs, prominent ears, whiskers and a long tail.

That is a sign of increasing discrimination on the child’s part.

This schema may hold up as true, until a child sees a tractor or a train, both of which still have four wheels but neither of which run on roads; or an ambulance which has four wheels, runs on roads but has a very different shape and function to a car.

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