Dating for parents of special needs kids

Any way being the first try I gave it one more try with the same results; the kid brought the whole party down for me and my children.I told the women I liked her, but it was not fun for my kids to be around her son.OP, like others have said, some women can handle it, but a good number of them cannot.People tend to overlook children with special needs and talk down about them.My daughter is 9 years old, extremely mild mannered, and as cute as can be but as soon as I get into detail about her, things come to a grinding halt. Some women don't have a lot of patience with a child who has special needs.Then again there are some women who have a lot of patience and wouldn't mind at all to date someone who has a child that is a special needs child.But there are some very kind hearted souls out there also, that would admire you as a person for what you are doing, and would be glad to date you....are out there... First off, I'm a mom to an adult (22) girl with cognitive delays and some physical disablities as well.My experience has been that people who do not have a special needs child often don't understand what it takes and so they will accept the intrusion into their regular life for so long, then when it becomes burdensome, they tend to take a walk.

Just wondering what you single ladies would do if a guy told you early on that he had primary custody of a kid with Down Syndrome?I would accept a child like your daughter with open arms.Have you tried becoming involved in Special Olympics?the best advice i know to give is to keep being honest about it.

I knew a girl in high school who has Down Syndrome, like your daughter, she had great manners and was adorable. Best of luck to you :)fedhill, considering the number of women who would not carry a child to term if the testing showed this type of disability, your pool will be decidingly smaller.

Well too bad for them to pass up a great guy who SEEMS to have been abandoned by a MOTHER and left not only with a child, but a special one.