Dating adds of women with height and weight

Generally speaking, a person's height is considerably more fixed than their weight – which makes it all the more unfair to judge a man on his vertical inches (head-to-toe, before you go jumping to other conclusions).It's not as if that man can just nip to his local gym or lay off the cake to transform into modern culture's towering image of attractiveness. Britain needs to burst this online dating bubble Fundamentally, no one should be judged against these unfair standards of beauty – but it remains that we are. Women are clearly stipulating their superficial demands, without fear of retribution.

Both had exactly the same name, brief biography and three photographs – save for one small change.Don't get me wrong, we can't berate women for having 'types'.My question is this: why is it acceptable for a woman to shirk away from a shorter man, but when that same man declines the advances of a 'larger' woman, he is labelled a superficial pig?It would be like a male millionaire holding out for a female millionaire who makes more than he does. He’s gotta have all of those things, plus be in the 15% of men who are six feet tall? Please read the article here and share your thoughts below. It increased my dating pool dramatically, so I no longer felt like I had to go on dates with borderline douchebags just because they’re tall enough.

Let me tell you, there are a lot of really amazing men on this side of six feet.

On the other hand, with tall women, since only 15% of men are over 6 feet tall, it would stand to reason that a 5’11” woman would be well served to open up to shorter men, instead of insisting that he has to be 6’3′, because that’s how tall she is in heels. She ended up marrying a guy a few inches shorter than her. And if this bugs you and you think you should be holding out for a tall guy, that’s your business.