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After years of the fans pleading with the writers to give Sheldon a girlfriend, they responded with Amy Farrah Fowler.Amy is a neurobiologist who is set up with Sheldon when Raj and Howard try out online dating on behalf of their quirky friend.New Jersey-born Kate Micucci, has had her share of roles in funny sitcoms.She’s been featured on How I Met Your Mother, Malcolm in the Middle, Cory in the House, ‘Til Death, and Campus Ladies.

She doesn’t just stick to shows, however, she’s also played in a number of movies including Bart Got a Room, The Last Hurrah, and When in Rome.While fans of the show might always see her as Leslie Winkle, Sara Gilbert is actually better known for her role in Roseanne, playing Darlene Conner.She isn’t seen on BBT anymore, and is busy working as executive producer on the refresh of Roseanne, as well as bringing Darlene back on camera after all of these years.She has evolved hugely as the show has gone on, moving from awkward girlfriend to a true mate for Sheldon, and a significant member of the crowd. Many say that the biggest character change has been for Howard Wolowitz.

In the first few seasons, he was mainly seen as a sleazy guy who was only interested in women and sex, but this all changed for him in season 3 when he met Bernadette.

Aside from the show, he has also starred in a couple of movies, including Florence Foster Jenkins, opposite Meryl Streep, for which he got an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.