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[Emphasis mine — RD] By this I mean that my pro-choice friends endorsing Williamson’s sacking can’t see that his extremism is mirrored in their own, in a system of supposedly “moderate” thought that is often blind to the public’s actual opinions on these issues, that lionizes advocates for abortion at any stage of pregnancy, that hands philosophers who favor forms of euthanasia and infanticide prestigious chairs at major universities, that is at best mildly troubled by the quietus of the depressed and disabled in Belgium or the near-eradication of Down syndrome in Iceland or the gendercide that abortion brought to Asia, that increasingly accepts unblinking a world where human beings can be commodified and vivisected so long as they’re in embryonic form. Believing that this should be legal is extreme — and I can document that.According to the most recent Gallup poll (2012), only 14 percent of Americans believe abortion should be legal in the last three months of pregnancy.You may remember the undercover videos of abortionists discussing their work harvesting fetal body parts.

It’s a common recommendation these days (see Rod Dreher’s best-selling “The Benedict Option” for a reactionary take, and the burgeoning interest in “co-living” spaces for a more progressive angle), and not an infeasible one.Please read the family-friendly guidelines for the chat room below.Our guidelines help to ensure that all chatters will have a pleasant experience.And I deplore what my party is pushing on the “gender identity” front.

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